if i cry on my pillow

by Glow Ghost

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made this last night when i was feeling down for little to no reason, as happens a lot but not a lot lately.... so this one hit me kind of hard.

this is purely vocals and i was trying to be quiet because my parents were sleeping and basically it's just banter but hey here it is xo


i'm sorry i can't be happy right now
i feel weak for it
it's like i can't have more than a week
of happiness

it feels like being blind is
the same thing as happiness

i want to feel like i am necessary
but even more so than that
i want somebody to love me
nobody loves me

do i?
should i?
how could i?

i'm so tired
all the time

sleep until one

feel exhausted

i'm just a human
not a good one
but i'm trying to pull myself back up
i'm trying
so far i've had some luck
but not right now
not right now
not right now

i don't know what i need
i don't know if it's anything
do i wait it out
do i go to sleep
am i overthinking
probably overthinking



released August 11, 2016
my imbalanced chemicals (✿◠‿◠)



all rights reserved


Glow Ghost hell, Michigan

i'm benjamin, i'm 16, and i make alternative music that's kinda dark kinda electronic and entirely made on my phone..... listen to the single "!!!" from my upcoming debut album "virgin lips" & don't forget to follow my twitter below for updates

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