the birth ep

by Glow Ghost

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a compilation of the tracks I've made so far (aside from one called 'doing thanks and giving drugs' that was just a bunch of free electronic beats...I'm a professional) just to welcome you and to get a taste of what's to come!


released May 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Glow Ghost hell, Michigan

i'm benjamin, i'm 16, and i make alternative music that's kinda dark kinda electronic and entirely made on my phone..... listen to the single "!!!" from my upcoming debut album "virgin lips" & don't forget to follow my twitter below for updates

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Track Name: 93
if I had a plan, this would've worked out
but you filled my heart with something deeper than doubt
I am empty
you can't set me free
set me

so here I stand
alone on my own
sinking down
you're on your thrown
and I know, I know
I know
and I know, I know
I know

there is nothing here left for me
no more sights to see
I'm alone
there is nothing here left for me
no more sights to see
I'm alone
oh, I'm alone

say what you will
say what you want
there is no one bigger than us

I chose a path no one would have suggested
and when I fell for you, nobody could have guessed it
that's why you swooped in
and put your hands around my throat
oh, honey I let you
I was drowning for your love
so as you drained the life out of me
I just looked into your eyes
and when I died, I was smiling
but it was no surprise

it was your eyes
Track Name: imp
it wasn't always this way
you weren't always this way
before, we had something to say
but now all we have left is to pray

hold me darling
hold me tight
tell me sweet little lies
at night

I know I asked for this
I know it's all my fault
but I feel so broken
I've fallen down on the asphalt
you told me, oh you warned me
this was bound to happen
but I thought I was invincible
'cuz I was so young

nobody tells you
the pain
that you'll have to go through
there really is no gain
nobody tells you
about all the pain
all the pain
nobody tells you it feels like
pounding, pouring rain
Track Name: keys
bound for success
if you just said yes
we wouldn't be here
bound for failure
all that grandeur
you asked for this, baby
all you had to do was
pretend a little, pretend a lot
but now, I see, you aren't capable of living a lie
that means
you'll have to die

you thought it was a kiss on the neck
but honey it was sweet revenge
you couldn't keep your pretty mouth shut
so this is your end

I don't think, I don't think, I don't think you get it
that I meant it when I said
you were gonna regret it

I'm a vampire, darling
you're no Prince Charming
you weren't able to look past the fangs
able to look past the fangs

I didn't choose this life
I didn't choose this life
you don't seem to understand
don't seem to understand

so, my teeth meet your neck
you're a wreck
but this is what what you get
I told you I was no princess
you are no prince, yes
Track Name: répéter
there's something that I need to say
and I don't want fear to get in the way
there's something that I need to do
I need to reside beside you
but it is impossible
there's no chance for you and I
but I know from past experiences
that we can at least try

do we not deserve a shot?
I wanna be with you
and I don't know
what I'm supposed to say or do
you're states away
I've got nothing to say
but that I love you
you are my friend but I want more
from you

I know I'm selfish
I know I'm weak
but my life has been so bleak
and you're like the sun in the distance

give me a chance
Track Name: don't need you, i need you (dn/in)
but still, when you look into my eyes I get weak
you don't want me and I don't want you neither
I'm a sweet kid and you're a heart-eater
at least that's how I gotta see it

I have to see you as the enemy
so at the prospect of love I'll flee
I need this
please let me have this

I need this
I need this I need this I need this I need this
I don't need you don't need you don't need you don't need you
I need you
don't need you
don't need you
don't need you

it's not about you
or me
being a bad person
but that's what I have to tell myself
because I am so scared
that I'M the bad person
and that I screwed you up
instead of the other way around
I don't think I could live with that

do you live with that? (5x)
don't need you, I need you
do you live with-
Track Name: hell baby
I don't know what to say so I'll just say it
I don't know what to do so I'll just do it
I-I'm so unsure tell me what is the cure
is there a medicine
I feel like sin
when you look at me

I've been told all my life that this is wrong
but I've never felt so real and so right
as when I looked into their eyes
and when I looked into my own
a new boy was shown

I know what the truth is
but the truth is I still feel useless and
I shouldn't feel wrong
those times
I'm just trying to live my life
what if I don't have you by my side?
what if I don't